Health & Community Services

There are many health implications (both physical and mental) for people living in situations of Squalor and Hoarding. Often when a situation of Squalor/Hoarding is identified the person living in the environment will require an assessment and assistance to consider any urgent health and safety needs and ongoing support.

Often someone experiencing Hoarding and Squalor issues has multiple and complex needs that may have led to or contributing to hoarding and squalor behaviour. It is vital that these needs are addressed collaboratively, information listed within Health and Community Services will assist in addressing the needs of the person and/or their families holistically and collaboratively.

Community Health Centres
Primary Health Services
Drug and Alcohol
Family Support
Home and Community Care
Disability Support Services
Aged Care Services
Generalist & Financial Counselling Services
Carer Support
Aboriginal Support Services
Cultural Support Services


The Campapse PCP has a more extensive list of Community Services across Campaspe here.