Generalist and Financial Counselling Services

People who hoard and/or live in squalor often have multiple complex issues that currently exist and contributed to the hoarding and squalor behaviour. It is ideal for clients to be linked in with specialist phycology or psychiatric services however more generalist counselling may be used especially where clients do not wish to have formal mental health diagnosis or referrals.

Counselling Services

Life Supports

Bendigo Community Health Services

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Echuca Regional Health

Rochester & Elmore District Health Service 548 44465

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Social work and counselling support; Castlemaine Health>/a>

Kyabram and District Health Services

Financial Counselling Services

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St Luke’s

Rural Financial Counselling Service

Bendigo Family Financial Service

Gamblers Assistance at St Luke’s 

No Interest Loans (NILs)

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Kangaroo Flat Neighbourhood House

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